8 Best Things to Do in Cape Town

Going to South Africa’s port city, Cape Town leaves you with an array of fascinating options for nature’s exploration. The stunning Kirstenbosch garden, the boulder’s beach, and the V&A waterfront are more than enough to affirm the city’s beauty.

You might wonder what’s best to do when your feet feel its soil. So let’s make it easy for you with our list of best things to do in Cape Town:

1. Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art

The nonprofit institution displays, accumulates and serves as a haven for Africa’s contemporary art. Moreover, the museum also promotes art pieces from the diaspora.

An English designer, Thomas Heatherwick, created the magnificent edifice by transforming 42 obsolete Capetown grain silos into 80 cylindrical galleries.

Apart from experiencing the building’s impressiveness, you can see Cyrus Kabiru’s Afro-futurist goggles, Kehinde Wiley’s oil portrait, and anti-patriarchal needlework by Ghada Amer. All of which will leave you stunned for days.

2. Robben Island

Want to experience South Africa’s historic apartheid era? Robben Island is nearly 12km from Cape Town and was a remote territory for citizens the rulers had outlawed. Knowing the great Nelson Mandela, tourists and indigenes alike love to share the same place the South African freedom fighter once spent 18 years of his life for his convictions.

The island is dotted with structures dating back to the second world war. Robben Island Museum has a collection of durable exhibits at its mainland areas, all accessible and cost-free for the public.

3.  Table Mountain

Like to catch the beautiful cape town city from a high point? Table Mountain graciously serves that purpose and more. With the help of a cable car, visitors can have a smooth journey to the top of the monolith or burn some calories while hiking to the top.

The flat top of the mountain allows tourists to witness the legendary smoking contest between Van Hunks and the Devil. From a scientific perspective, this contest is brought about by the orographic clouds at the mountain top.

Some wonders of nature also reside at Table Mountain, featuring biodiversity rarely found in other places of the world while some are exclusively located there, for instance, species of proteas.

4. Kirstenbosch

Colorful indigenous plants of South Africa with distinctive birds baring long tails and stunning plumage are fascinators to this Cape Town botanical garden. Kirstenbosch hosts animals like the Ghost Frog and Angulate Tortoises for nature-lovers to see. You can find two streams flowing within the garden amidst the hard fern, bisemous, and red alder plants.

Kirstenbosch is accessible to all people mesmerized by its richness, including the physically challenged. People using a wheelchair may transport through the Silver Tree Stroll and Weaverbird Walk. Others who’d like to take a six-hour energetic walk may go through Silver tree, Yellowwood, three trails, and Stinkwood Trails. People with eyes defect can comfortably walk through the Braille Trail.

Furthermore, the botanical garden hosts a restaurant where various culinary dishes make the visitation worthwhile.

5. Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach has rare and vulnerable birds; African penguins, found nowhere else in the world. Indigenous bush and False Bay surround this sheltered beach.

The tourist spot contains huge granite boulders perfect for climbing with soft white sands to thread upon. Visitors can take a swim in the crystal clear False Bay water and a walk down the wooden boardwalks to take close up pictures of the penguins.

6. Kalk Bay

Named in 2018 as one of The 12 Coolest Neighbourhoods Around The World by Forbes magazine, Kalk Bay is a remarkable charmer for adventurers and fun-seekers. The harbor has a lighthouse for visitors who want pictures that may serve as immortality. You can also take leisure walks in the area to perceive the beautiful waves of the water body.

Moreover, for explorers passionate about proteins, the harbor offers fresh and uniquely tasty fishes that indigenes and outsiders can’t uncover anywhere else. As you head straight to the harbor house, be prepared to savor the most superior wines and a flavorful Mediterranean-style meal.

7. Neighbourgoods Market

Neighbourgoods Market is a modern environment situated at Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock. It features the best dishes readily available in various food stalls.

Foreigners, local artisans, and foodies can have a field day in any luxurious Italian, Thai, Mexican and local restaurants present there. Craft beers, champagne, cocktails, fresh paella, oysters, pâtés, bolting, and other seasoned desserts and drinks lure people to the arena as various soul-soothing musical instruments play in the background.

The beauty of this fun market is accessible only on Saturdays from 9:00 am, so ensure to plan your trip well to enjoy food and art.

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