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Who Are We?

We are promoting tourism in Cape Town as for the reason that it has a great effect on the economy of the country.

Importance or Tourism

Tourism is a vital ministry contributing almost 60 percent of a country’s GDP. Whether its local tourism or international tourists, many sectors of the economy thrive as a result.

The economic and non-economic value of tourists in a country dictates massive industrial development. Look at the slow growth rate in states with travel bans.

These are the main reasons why tourism plays a significant role in the growth and development of a country include

Earns a country foreign exchange

The advantage of countries along the equator is favorable weather. The ones along the coast have sandy beaches, which are great tourist attraction sites.

People living in the northern or southern hemisphere experience extreme winter weather; during this time, they flock in other areas as international tourists; the high value of their currency positively impacts the host countries in the form of foreign exchange.

Forex trading results in high liquidity, increasing the ability to trade. To them, it’s a small amount, but due to differences in the economic value of the currency, it has a considerable impact on the nation’s economy.

Leads to international cooperation

As people from different countries flock your nation, some are on business trips/ holidays. They fill the gap of the untapped market, which comes in handy to enhance International Corporation between them.

The public and the private sectors explore new market opportunities and share knowledge and interests for global economic development.

Tourists bring vast knowledge in many sectors of the economy. In health, there is an expansion in the health care system to suit the economy’s various needs.

In business, the import and export business opportunities create a market for international sales of products and services.

Encourages cultural diversity

As they visit the countries, they borrow the host country’s culture, which suits their lifestyle. Moreover, they also leave their cultural attributes.

Before you notice, there is assimilation, especially with the high frequency of international visitors. An inclusive workforce results in a high level of production.

Moreover, it leads to the acquisition of various skills ideal for the growth of the formal and informal industry.

Improves people’s living standards

There is a vast difference in terms of living standards in areas frequently visited by tourists than the rest.

Due to the high flow of income among the residents either directly or indirectly, people tend to live in better houses, eat healthy meals, and access better health care facilities.

 The surplus money they now use in entertainment or generally improving their lifestyles. It is a population with a better quality of life. They can afford to spend an extra coin to make their life comfortable.

Improves a countries’ revenue through increased economic activities

Tourism is an employer in its own right; many business thrive as a result of the influx of either local or international tourists.

The leading companies include hotels, curio shops, tours, and travel companies, transport firms, among others. Local people get to have a share of the cake through massive employment opportunities as domestic managers, hoteliers, and tour guides.

People with skills, especially the ones in line with culture, hit the jackpot in tourism. All these activities aid in increasing revenues to the local people in a bid to improve the quality of life.

Exploration of a country’s potential

The skilled labor is familiar with tourists aids host countries to explore some of the untapped resources.

For example, education tourists carry out tests on various researches open remote villages – the host of support- to a world of development.

In health, the improved health care systems allow other states within the country to follow suit.

With all the hypes about the importance of tourism, what are the different ways of promoting tourism?

The best and most effective way to promote tourism is to market your country. As much as international tourism plays a significant role in development, we can’t rule local tourists’ power in building and economy.

What are the most efficient marketing strategies in tourism?

  • Host bloggers in exchange for reviews
  • Create a website and showcase your potential
  • Increase your online presence through social media platforms
  • Engage Search Engine Optimization (SEO) principles
  • You have all it takes to ensure tourists flock your country.

What is your drawback? Engage relevant stakeholders to ensure your country is the talk of the world as a dream holiday destination. It’s not time to compare but an opportunity to allow nature to work to your advantage.